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In Traveling, Planning is better than Regret

What are the benefits of a Travel Plan? Why is it important to plan before any travel and why is it important that we try and stick to the plan?

Although it might seem like a daunting task to many, half of the fun of traveling is in the anticipation and the planning of it. Additionally, if you are well prepared, traveling can be a more enjoyable experience. Here are a few steps to help you plan your next trip better.

Step- 1 Choose your Location: - Everyone already has a venue in mind when they want to go holiday. But only having a name is not enough. One has to also research on it. Finding of any tourist destination is not a big deal anymore. You can either research it online or ask your fellow travelers. The next thing to keep in mind is the weather and natural conditions of your destination at that time of the year. This is essentially important if you are traveling with children and elderly people. Keep hints from Travel Guides handy. Plan a loose itinerary of places to visit in and around your destination. And the time you would like to spend in these places.

Step- 2 Sketching out the Logistics of the Travel:- While figuring out the Logistics, one has to assess the Costs of the trip. And while doing so, one should always add some wiggle room, i.e. Overestimate rather than Underestimate. There are always going to be unforeseen costs which you wouldn’t have accounted for and one should think through these to avoid surprises. Making a Budget is essential.

Step- 3 Make your travel Reservations:- Once you are absolutely sure of the destination and the cost factor has been assessed, make your reservations. For flights and trains, it is advisable to book a couple of months in advance. While flight tickets have a possibility of being cheaper with an early reservation, train tickets are more readily available if booked way in advance. Hotel Bookings also should be done in advance if it is a tourist season as per the destination you are traveling. You also might want to consider travel insurance if you are planning to travel abroad.

Step- 4 Make sure all your Documents are in order:- This is more applicable in case of an international travel where you require quite a few documents. All documents e.g. your Passport, Visa, Travel Insurance, Tickets must all be obtained from reliable authorities duly verified.

Step- 5 Buy everything You need:- Last but not the least, buy everything you need. Preparing a checklist would be a good idea. Pack light and travel light. Sticking to basics is always a good way to achieve that. If you are traveling with kids, keeping a small first-aid kit is a fantastic idea for an immediate need.
And the final step to having a fabulous time vacationing is to keep your work/family problems back. Otherwise, there is really no point going for a vacation, right? Bon Voyage!

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