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These are the 10 most visited European countries

For most of us, Europe has existed as a distant land that has constantly intrigued and enthused us. It has surprised us as a continent that has witnessed numerous wars, but which has given the world the most beautiful works of art, literature and architecture. Every decade and every century has produced unpredictable developments in Europe, and yet it has given the world something of immense value throughout its history.

There is also the natural beauty of Europe, which has profoundly influenced all those who have seen it up close. Forests and vineyards cast a magical spell on the spectator and heal the troubled mind. If Paris marks the way for the latest trend of fashion, the islands of Greece evoke images of a past wrapped in the mists of time. Germany and Switzerland, Portugal and Spain, each European country offers a unique experience. There are some European countries that are more sought after than others, because of the special experience they provide. 

This blog post tells you which the most visited European countries in the world are that are special in one way or another.

1. France- With the best dressed people on the planet, delicious food and a lot of love, it is not surprising that France is the most visited European country. While Paris is famous for the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe, in Lyon there are restaurants with more Michelin stars. The beauty of the waters of the French Riviera, the picturesque villages and the Alps to the southeast exceed all your expectations in terms of beauty and grandeur. Oh, and being in France, wine and champagne are available!

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2. Germany- Germany has to do with culture and delicacy. It is famous for its classical music and attracts lovers of classical music from around the world. It also hosts Bach fest Leipzig and Wagner Festival, both music festivals. While Berlin consistently sets higher standards in modern art, Munich enjoyments visitors with its historic building, grand plazas and wonderful churches. The castles in Germany such as Neuschwanstein and Hohenzollern seem to have emerged from a perfect fairy tale. Of course, anyone visiting Berlin in Germany should visit the Berlin Wall, which is a reminder of their tumultuous past.

3. Italy- Italy is certainly one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The most beautiful mountains on earth, the Dolomite Alps, are here, as is the Amalfi Coast, the most incredible coastal unit in the world. We all know how exciting Rome can be, with its magnificent Colosseum, its catacombs, the Roman Forum and other magnificent historical structures. Sicily is the coastal paradise, while Como attracts tourists with its incredible lake. In fact, all of Italy is a fabulous painting on a giant canvas.

4. Netherlands- The Netherlands, commonly known as the Netherlands, is one of the most visited European nations. There is Amsterdam, the capital, with its dream channels, museums and splendid art galleries. While Keukenhof has the largest garden in the world, Kinderdijk, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is famous for its windmills. The spectacular Rijksmuseum, also known as the Dutch National Museum, houses around seven million works of art. In Zeeland, an amazing project known as Delta Works stands as a feat of the marvel of engineering and has just been included in the "Seven Wonders of the Modern World."

5. Greece- the spectacular scenery and historical structures of Greece have been beautifully captured in numerous films and arts. By visiting them, you are transported to the ages past. Santorini, a volcanic island, is famous for its whitewashed houses, its active volcano and its stunning sunsets. One of the most emblematic monuments of Greece is the Parthenon, which is located on the top of the Acropolis. Among the numerous Greek islands, Mykonos is as picturesque as you can see with its intricate alleyways and whitewashed paths. If you are looking for a show from the past, head to the Delphi Theater.

6. Switzerland- If a painter created masterful strokes with his brush, the painting would look exactly like Switzerland. Surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, the perfect blue lakes, the lush valleys and the picturesque villages give this landless town a fairy tale beauty. Zurich, with its cobbled streets, cafes, museums and galleries, will win your heart at first sight. Bern exudes an old world charm with its medieval city. Other attractions in Switzerland are Lake Geneva, Lucerne, Interlaken, the Rhine Falls and St. Moritz, as well as others.

7. Spain- What makes Spain one of the most popular European countries are its beautiful beaches, historical sites and incredible festivals. Tourism is also one of the main industries in Spain and represents almost 11% of its annual GDP. The most popular cities are Madrid, Barcelona and Seville (all of them are the headquarters of several UNESCO World Heritage sites). There is the Gugenheim Museum, which attracts millions of visitors each year and is a landmark in the history of museum architecture. Spain is also home to the most beautiful islands in Europe that make dream vacations.

8. Portugal- Portugal is among the diverse countries that offer a remarkably diverse experience. The country has more than 800 km of coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Its capital city, Lisbon, has a lot to keep tourists busy. Some of the attractions are Lisbon Oceanarium, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and the National Palace of Sintra, which has been described as a UNESCO World Heritage cultural landscape. Nothing is more exciting than kayaking on the coast of Lisbon or visiting Bom Jesus do Monte, a magnificent religious sanctuary. The cross-border zip line in Alcoutim is a great success among tourists, while exploring the Alentejo on horseback is a delight. Portugal has something for everyone.

9. Czech Republic- Situated in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is wrapped in elegance. Its capital, Prague, is famous for its baroque buildings, the Old Town Square, the Gothic churches and the Astronomical Clock. Most of the Czech Republic, however, is dotted with castles such as the Castle of Hluboka and the Castle of Cesky Sternberk. There are huge mountain areas to discover, dream towns to visit and a fascinating culture to fall in love with. If you're a beer lover, then that's where you should be.

10. Austria- Austria is proud to be the capital of winter sports in Europe, together with a glorious history, tradition and culture. Its historic villages and cities make the visit and exploration incredible. One of the main attractions of Austria is the Schönbrunn Palace, which is as exquisite as it is huge. A visit to Hallstatt, a Baroque village, allows you to see a prehistoric man preserved in salt. In Austria, you come across the Salzburg Castle, one of the largest and best-preserved castles in medieval Europe. A preferred holiday destination of all time is Zell am See, famous for its alpine lake, as well as outdoor recreational activities such as fishing, cycling and skiing.

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