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10 Best Travel Tips to Follow When You Visit India

India is a perfect blend of diversity and curiosity. The country is a home of innumerable cultures, a host of different languages and a heaven of delicious food. From gigantic mountains in the North to beaches in the south, the scenic beauty coupled with century-old traditions will surely make your travel to India a mystical one.

Planning a trip to India can be your most blissful experience or most horrifying. It only depends on how you plan out your travel. To make your trip a blissful one, here are some important travel tips you should follow before you plan your trip to India:
1.   Do Some Homework-:

The most important travel tip to follow when you plan your visit to India is to do some homework. You should do some research about the country’s traditions and cultures as its come very handy at the time of visit. Searching for some best deals and good hotels can also save your time
2.   Decide the Places you want to visit-:

Plan out the places you want to visit ahead of time. India is a very diverse country and roaming without a proper plan will make your journey hectic and useless.  So, plan the places you want to visit and enjoy your trip without any a headache.

3.   Pack your bag correctly-:

Here comes the tricky part! While packing your luggage do keep in mind that the weather in India is generally hot. Except for few months of winters, you can expect a temperature of 40 degree Celsius. So pack your bag with light clothes and also carry some headwear to protect yourself from the sun. And also you should include medicine, personal care items, money and ATMs and other useful items such as plug adapters, flashlights, padlocks and yes most importantly your travel tickets.
4. Follow the Dress Code-:

To avoid unwanted attention, the best thing you can do is to try some local wear of the country and especially places where are you planning to visit. Try to wear more local Indian dress and accessories as it will help you to explore the country more vibrantly. And plus Indian clothes are much better suited to hot weather, so they’ll keep you cool while keeping you modest.

5.   Prepare for the Worst-:

As a precaution, you should prepare yourself for the worst. Make sure you carry copies of all your important documents like passport, air/rail tickets, ID card, travel insurance and other important documents while traveling.
6.   Get to Know About the Local Languages-:

This is the survival key when you visit any country. Knowing local phrases and words not only helps reduce language barriers but it also helps to communicate better with the locals. So learn some local phrases and words. And don’t forget to know some abusive words as well!
7.   Master Your Bargaining Skills-:

When touring India, the must-to-have skill is bargaining. This is because the moment the shopkeepers’ sense that you don’t have a bargaining skill, the prices of the products skyrocket like anything. So don’t be too shy or think it’s impolite to bargain with the locals.
8.   Beware of Spicy food-:

Indians are known to have a strong tongue for spicy food. So if you want to have some good Indian spicy cuisine make sure you have a bucket full of water.
 9.   Know the Right-Hand Tradition-:

In Indian tradition, there is one important rule you should follow—the Right-Hand Rule. This is because in India almost all the give and take is been done with right hand and everyone follows it religiously. This rule is also applied to food as well.  
 10. Don’t lose Your Patience-:

In the end, don’t lose your patience when you encounter traffic in India. There can be any cause for the traffic as it is a common phenomenon. Don’t get frustrated when you encounter one as there is nothing you can do. So keep calm and wait for traffic to get clear.

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