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Best 5 Tourist Spots in Bangalore | Place to Visit in Bangalore

Located in the south-eastern part of India, Bangalore is one of India’s major IT hubs and is the fastest growing metro city in India. Apart from that, Bangalore is very much popular for tourism. From Bangalore Palace to Bannerghatta National park, Bangalore is contributing all its efforts in tourism industry. Let’s have a quick look to the mesmerizing places of Bangalore:

Bangalore Palace: A royal family in Mysore owns this palace and acts as a major attraction for the Bangalore visitors. The incredible example of old architecture and beauty, the royal Bangalore Palace holds the old regal opulence.

Bangalore Palace

Bannerghatta National Park: Located on the distance of just 22 km, this national park is the ultimate preservation for the large variety of flora and fauna. Established in 1971, the park includes the first butterfly park in the country as well.

Bannerghatta National Park

MG Road: A perfect weekend shopping hub, Mahatma Gandhi road is the busiest road in the city. Rushing markets all the time, people love to purchase things on this road. Foodies love to visit as there are numbers of restaurant on this road.

MG Road

Lal Bagh: People who love to see the botanical work, can reach to this Botanical garden. Covering 240 acres in the heart of the city, the Lal Bagh has around 1800 species of plants. The making of park was announced by Hyder Ali in 1760 and completed by his son Tipu Sultan.

Lal Bagh bangalore

13th Floor: Enjoy dinner with your loved one with some exotic wine or whisky at this restaurant. Huge with their menu choices, restaurant is dedicated to offer you the best drinks and food. Decoration is so cool that you won’t forget to describe its beauty to your friends in future.

13th Floor Bangalore

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